Sex & Gender Research Support Service

Women’s Xchange offers a Sex and Gender Research Support Service (SGRS) to assist any level of researcher with their proposals and projects. The SGRS offers guidance and expertise to researchers on the integration of a sex and gender lens in their studies.

How the SGRS can help

  • Initial Consultation of Research Proposal
    • Relevance of sex & gender to research topic
    • Apply a sex & gender lens to primary research question(s)
    • Consider methods to explore sex & gender differences
  • Map the Landscape
    • Review subject specific literature through a sex & gender lens
    • Produce thematic overview report of findings
    • Query team’s existing data for sex & gender relevance
  • Enhance Design and Data Collection
    • Direction on integrating sex & gender in research question(s)
    • Enhance design and method with a sex & gender lens
    • Review and enhance existing tools and measures for capturing sex & gender data
  • Elevate Sex & Gender in Analysis and Reporting
    • Ensure data analysis and reporting incorporate sex & gender variables
    • Review sex and gender findings in results, tables, figures, and discussion
  • Customized Strategies for Dissemination
    • Tailor dissemination to specific populations and stakeholders

The result: Better research, better science, and healthier communities.

Sex and Gender Research Support Service Documents