Impact Report 2013-2018

At Women’s Xchange we are improving the health of women and all Ontarians by changing the foundation of health research. By building the capacity of health researchers and communities, we are advancing women’s health and addressing gaps in our healthcare system.

Our 2013-2018 impact report, Looking Back and Moving Forward, is a celebration of our accomplishments. It features highlights from the past five years and shares the perspectives of our team and key partners. At Women’s Xchange we believe that better research leads to better policy and programs, producing better care. We invite you to join us as we work towards improving women’s health research and pursuing health equity for all.

Message from Our Leadership

Over the past five years Women’s Xchange has made significant contributions to Women’s College Hospital and the health of the diverse communities it serves. Through the team's work and engagement with local communities, Women's Xchange has broadened our understanding of why research with a sex and gender lens is so vital to the future of healthcare. Read More »

Sex and Gender: The Impact on Your Health

For far too long researchers and healthcare professionals ignored the fact that health is impacted by sex and gender. Today, it has become apparent that incorporating a sex and gender lens in health research to inform healthcare practice is no longer an option, it is a necessity.
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Our Achievements

In five years Women’s Xchange has impacted the lives of thousands through our events, $15K Challenge Program, presentations and resources. We are engaging communities and changing the conversation around women’s health research in Ontario. Read More »

Seeding Community-Based Research

Women’s Xchange has funded 148 $15k Challenge projects across all of Ontario. Teams supported through our $15K Challenge, devise practical solutions to local health issues in order to implement real and meaningful change.
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Impacting the Future of Diabetes Research

As a member of Diabetes Action Canada, Women’s Xchange is helping to increase capacity and advance the future of diabetes research in Canada.
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Creating a Women’s Xchange Community

Women’s Xchange believes that research findings and practices should be shared broadly. Each year we hold two conference style events in the spring and fall. Both events focus on a range of timely topics related to women’s health research.
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Our Impact: Moving Women’s Health Forward

Our first five years have provided a wealth of opportunity to learn from both our successes and the challenges we faced. We are proud what we have accomplished and remain committed to further improving the health of women and all Ontarians – we still have work to do.
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Paula Rochon MD, MPH, FRCPC Robin Mason, MA, MEd, PhD