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Sex and gender are variables that should be taken into consideration in order to conduct a comprehensive analysis of healthcare interventions. There are numerous differences in how men and women experience health (different conditions, different symptoms), access health care, and respond to therapies such as drug interventions.  There is also great diversity within populations of women and of men, including factors related to social determinants such as education, socio-economic status, dwelling place, ethnicity, and so on, which may affect access to and use of the health care system. As the incorporation of a sex and gender analysis into healthcare interventions becomes the norm, many researchers, policy makers, and clinicians are seeking expert advice on how best to integrate sex and gender into their work.


Women’s Xchange has compiled an archive of resources that provide comprehensive instruction on methods for integrating sex and gender considerations in health research, and provide examples for better understanding the importance of this lens and the contributions of this perspective for enhancing health research. This archive is already one of the most robust collections of information on integrating sex and gender in health research in the country.  By enhancing this collection with academic research, grey literature, and instructional resources hosted by funding agencies, we provide a hub of information for all health researchers. The resource collection will be continuously enhanced as we engage in sex- and gender-guided literature reviews. 


Women’s Xchange engages in a rigorous program of research around sex and gender integration, leading to better health research evidence to improve healthcare for all.

Academic Products

Day, S., Mason, R., Lagosky, S., & Rochon, P. (2016). Integrating and evaluating sex and gender in health research. Health Research Policy and Systems, 14(1), 75, DOI 10.1186/s12961-016-0147-7

In this paper, we identify key barriers to sex and gender integration in health research and analyze these barriers as strategic points of intervention for improving integration at all stages of the research process.

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Policy Development

Recommendations for the Status of Women Committee Study: Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) in the Federal Government

In response to a public call, Women’s Xchange submitted a brief to the Status of Women Committee recommending five focal areas for the Committee to consider in studying sex and gender integration.

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Sex & Gender Research Support Service

Women’s Xchange provides a Research Support Service offering expert advice and guidance to researchers on the integration of a sex and gender lens in their studies. We offer support throughout all phases of the research process, from literature review and project design through to analysis and knowledge translation. To inquire about this service, please email



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