Supporting the Integration of Sex & Gender in Health Research

Women, men and gender diverse people experience health, access health care, and respond to therapies such as drug interventions differently. Many researchers, policy makers, and clinicians are seeking expert advice on how best to integrate sex and gender into their work.

Women's Xchange has resources and a consultation service to help strengthen your research.

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Sex and Gender Integration within Diabetes Action Canada (DAC)

Women’s Xchange collaborates with DAC to advance the integration of a sex and gender lens in its research projects and related activities. To learn more about how this organization is incorporating sex and gender, Women’s Xchange completed a series of short interviews with DAC investigators.

The results reflect the overwhelming need for the inclusion of a sex and gender lens in health research and the positive effects that come from taking these differences into account. The interviews were edited and can be viewed here.

The Health Researcher’s Toolkit: Why Sex and Gender Matter 

Our new e-learning toolkit provides researchers with the practical knowledge they need to further enhance the quality of their work - by integrating sex and gender.

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